Several suggestions for choosing capsule caps

The cap used for sealing drug capsules is generally called a capsule cap. A good capsule cap has several functions. The first is that capsule caps can protect drugs, avoid bacterial

hazards, and affect the hygiene and safety of drugs. The second feature is the anti-theft function, which prevents the capsule from being ingested by children and causing unnec-

-essary trouble. Thirdly, the anti-counterfeiting function enhances the safety of drugs, avoids inferior drugs, and enhances the ability to identify inferior drugs.

So, what should I pay attention to when choosing a capsule cap? Firstly, the sealing performance of capsule caps is crucial for protecting the safety and hygiene of drugs. Therefore,

sealing is the most important for capsule caps. Secondly, is it convenient to open and close the capsule cap. Especially for the elderly and women, this is very important. Finally, the

price of capsule caps is directly related to the cost price of capsule packaging in the later stage.

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